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Related article: Affairs of the Heart 8 Affairs of the Heart Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi Legal Disclaimer: This is fiction and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are offended by material of a homosexual nature, or if such material cannot be legally viewed in your area, stop reading this now. Otherwise, I hope that you enjoy reading this work. Email: Please include "Affairs" in the email subject line. All emails will be answered. ICQ: 53886549 My Website: I also hang out in the #BoyBands Naked Preteens channel a lot, using my middle name, Colin. PreviouslyAshley finishes talking to Kevin and gives him the address of his apartment so that him, Kristin, and the others can stop by and get to know the Smith family better. Ashley makes a pitcher of raspberry lemonade, while Zach, Scott, and Kerr work on grading the midterm exams for Zach's eleventh grade United States History class. It would seem, much to Zach's displeasure, that his students didn't bother to listen to him for the two weeks before the test when he told them to Naked Preteens take their books home and study. The majority of them must have also decided to goof off and not pay attention in class on the three days before the test when Zach reviewed with them for the test, considering that over half of them failed the midterm.Zach is now faced with the fact that if his students don't start buckling down more by the time comes for the final exam, then he's going to have to fail over half the students, something which Zach really doesn't want to have to do. Later, Kevin, Kristin, Brian, Lance, Nick, JC, Justin, and Chris show up at the apartment. Zach tells them about his job and his concerns about his students, and then they find out about Kerr and Scott being a couple. Justin then tells Ashley, Kerr, Zach, and Scott about the fact that Nick and JC are dating, and Brian and Lance are dating, much to Kevin's initial displeasure, until that is Zach speaks up and tells him that none of them would ever even consider telling the press.After another hour or so of chatting, and Brian and Lance helping Zach, Kerr, and Scott to finish grading the midterm exams, everyone, minus Ashley, Diana, Kevin, and Kristin, head out for a club to have some fun. After everyone else is gone, the conversation turns towards Kevin and Kristin's as yet unborn twins, and whether or not they're ready for parenthood yet. They all finally decide to go and do some shopping at a new baby store which recently opened near Ashley's apartment, which happens to be owned by Smith Industries Incorporated, the company of which Ashley and Diana's father, Donald Smith, is Chairman of the Board.Ashley and Diana inform Kevin and Kristin that as the children of the Chairman, they both get 20% discounts at the store, which they would gladly pass on to them. Since it's a nice spring day outside, and it's only three blocks away, they all decide to walk to the store. If only they knew what a mistake this would be. Twenty minutes later, they're about half a block away from the store, when suddenly someone screams, "Look out!", and then...BANG!! Chapter 8"Kevin, look out!" yells Ashley as he pushes Kevin down to the sidewalk, "AHHHHHH!". "Kristin! Look out!" screams Kevin as he pulls downward on Kristin's hand as she falls downward with Kevin. "AHHHHHH!" screams Diana, as she too falls to the ground in pain. The car from which the shots were fired speeds down the street. Observers tried to get the license plate number of the vehicle, but instead of a license plate there was a cardboard sign saying, "License Applied For". Kevin sits up and finds blood on his hand, he soon realizes that he was not shot, but Ashley was, and the blood is from the gunshot wound to the lower back that he took. Now, one would think that the second Kevin found someone laying across his legs with a gunshot wound that he would be screaming for help. But Kevin remains quiet until he sees Kristin, and suddenly screams out, "Oh my god!! Somebody call an ambulance!" as he pulls Kristin into his arms and rocks her back and forth, as he tries to stop the blood gushing from Kristin's forehead. The sounds of sirens fill the air, and soon, the paramedics, the police, and the fire department are all on the scene helping out with the injuries, making sure that everyone is taken to the nearest hospital, and collecting statements from witnesses. About forty-five minutes later, Diana Smith is released from the hospital, having only suffered a gunshot to the shoulder, which was quickly treated. Diana hurries into the waiting room and pulls out her cell phone, dialing Zachary's cell, praying to God that he will be able to hear the phone ring. "Hey, this is Zach." "Zach it's me Diana." "Diana are you okay? You don't sound good." "Zach, get the guys and get to the hospital. Now!" "The hospital? What's wrong?" "Never mind that. Come to the emergency room. Just get here. And hurry up about it!" replies Diana as she ends the call. ---- "Zach, is everything okay?" asks Justin, as Zach ends the call. Zach sits in the back of a limousine along with Justin and the other guys that he joined to go out clubbing earlier. They finished up at the club, and were now on there way back to Ashley's apartment. Without answering Justin's question, Zachary quickly pushes the button to lower the window between them and the driver. "Driver, go to the nearest hospital, the emergency room. And step on it." "Yes, sir," replies the driver as the window goes back up. Everyone in the back to the car looks rather shocked at Zach, but before any of them can reply, Zach says, "That was Diana. She didn't tell me what was wrong, but I know from the sound of her voice that something is wrong. She just told me to get you guys and that we should get to the hospital immediately." "Well, maybe Kristin had the babies?" replies Justin, trying to bring a little hope into the silent car. "No, I don't think it's that, Just," replies Zach, "I'm not certain, but from the sound of Diana's voice, and the fact that she said to come to the emergency Naked Preteens room, I really think this is something very serious, and not Kristin going into labor." "Well, we're know soon enough," replies Brian, as he hugs Lance. "Should we call the others?" asks Nick, knowing that they probably should get in touch with Howie, AJ, and Joey, who had all opted to stay at the hotel, because they were all tired. "No, Nick. Let's wait until we get to the hospital," replies JC, "First see how serious the situation is, before we call them." "That's a good idea," replies Chris, "No need to worry them unnecessarily until we know exactly what's going on." Soon the limousine comes to a stop, and the driver opens the passenger door, as all of the guys get out of the back and race into the hospital. Zach races over to the counter and was about to ask the nurse what was going on, when he sees Diana, and races over to her. "Oh my God, Diana what happened to you?" asks Zach, Naked Preteens noticing the bandaging and sling on Diana's right arm and shoulder. "There's been a shooting," replies Diana, "I was shot in the shoulder. I don't know how the others are doing, but I don't think Kevin was shot." "Here he comes now," replies Brian as he races over to his cousin, "Kevin, are you okay?" Kevin doesn't say anything and just goes over into the waiting room and sits down. Not wanting to push, knowing that this must have been a very traumatic situation, everyone just goes over and joins Kevin in the waiting room, praying that everyone else is okay. Soon two doctors show up. "Excuse me, but is one of you Mr. Kevin Richardson?" asks one the doctors, as Kevin stands up and nods to the doctor. "This is part of the job that I really hate. Mr. Richardson, I'm sorry, we did everything that we could, but your wife, Kristin, is dead." "NO!!!" yells Kevin, as he drops to his knees, sobbing his eyes out, as Brian races over to comfort his cousin. "Mr. Richardson, I know this is a lot for you to deal with," replies the other doctor, "But we need you to sign this medical release." "Why?" asks Brian. "Well, as I'm sure you all knew, Kristin was pregnant with twins. So while she is dead, we do have a chance of saving the babies, so we need Kevin or a family member to sign the medical release so that we can perform the cesarean section to try and save the babies." By this time Kevin has totally broken down and lays on the floor of the waiting room, curled up in a ball, sobbing. "Well, Kevin really doesn't look like he can sign anything right now," replies Brian, "Can I sign it?" "Are you family?" "I'm Kevin's cousin," replies Brian, "At the moment, I think that's the best you're going to be able to do. I'd call Kevin's mother and have her come sign it for you, but she's back home in Kentucky and she ain't going to be able to get here anytime soon." "Okay, yes, please sign it," replies the doctor as he hands the release form to Brian, who quickly signs his name, as one of the doctors runs of with the release in hand toward the operating room. "Okay, well, is there anyone here related to an Ashley Smith?" replies the other doctor. "Yes," replies Zach, "I'm his brother, and this is our sister, Diana." "How badly was Ashley hurt?" asks Diana. "Well, he's awake actually, and asking for you both," replies the doctor, "So maybe you two should go and see him." "Lead the way," replies Zach, as he and Diana follow the doctor out of the room. As they reach the door to Ashley's room, the doctor replies, "Now, I should tell you that your brother has suffered a gunshot wound to the lumbar vertebrae and has been complaining that he can't feel his legs. Now, it's to soon to tell whether or not the paralysis is temporary or permanent, but I thought you might like to know." "Thank you doctor," replies Diana, as she and Zach head into Ashley's room. Ashley lies on the bed, screaming and fighting against the nurses who are trying to tie his arms down to the bed, "I can't feel my legs, damn it! I can't feel my legs!" ---- Meanwhile, back in the waiting room, Brian continues to console Kevin, who is still crying his eyes out like there was no tomorrow. Brian hands Lance his cell phone, and tells him to start calling the family. Lance nods, and goes outside to make the phone calls so that Kevin's sobbing isn't as audible. "Hello?" "Mrs. Richardson?" "Yes? Who is this?" "This is Lance Bass, Brian's boyfriend." "Oh yes, how are you Lance? And call me Anna." "Not so good, Anna. Look, you, Tim and Jerald should get down to the airport and get the next flight to New York City." "Why? What's wrong?" "Well, I probably shouldn't go into it over the phone." "What's wrong with Kevin?" replies Anna, much more forcefully this time, as she is deeply concerned about her youngest son. "Well, physically he's fine," replies JC, "But he's suffered from a very bad shock. Anna you should probably sit down for this, Kristin is dead." "What?! Naked Preteens What happened?!" "There was a shooting this afternoon," replies JC, "I guess Kevin, Kristin, and two new friends of ours, Ashley and Diana Smith were walking down to a new store that opened up to do a little shopping and there was a drive by shooting. Kristin was shot in the head, and she's dead." "Oh my god," replies Anna, as she starts to cry, "Of course, Tim, Jerald and I will be on the next flight. I should probably call Jackie and Harold too." "Don't worry about that, Anna, just get to the airport. I'll call Jackie and Harold." "Thank you so much Lance." "It's okay, it's not a problem. Now you just get up here as quickly as you can, so that you can be with your son. He needs you." After ending the call with Anna, Lance quickly dials the number for Jackie and Harold Littrell. Jackie answers the phone. Lance tells her what happened, and she says that her and Harold, and Harold III, will be on the next flight out, and thanks Lance for telling her what was going on. ---- Several hours later, Anna, Tim, and Jerald are all on their way into the waiting room, and immediately at Kevin's side. Zachary Smith sits in one corner of the room, and is not happy with Kevin. Kevin stopped crying about an hour ago, having run out of tears, but since then he has been able to do nothing but blame Ashley for Kristin's death. Diana is in the chapel right now praying that Ashley doesn't end up paralyzed for life. Brian and Lance are also in the room, and everyone else has gone down to the hospital cafeteria for a bite to eat and to contact Howie, AJ, and Joey. "Kevin, honey, how are you?" asks Anna, as she pulls her son into a hug. "I would be so much better if I never heard the name Ashley Smith." "Why's that?" "Well, Jerald it's his fault that Kristin is dead." Upon hearing Kevin say that, Zach jumps up out of his chair, and storms over to Kevin, looking ready to slug him. "Shut the fuck up Kevin!" shouts Zachary, "I am sick and tired of hearing you blame my brother over and over for Kristin's death. I know you're hurting and that you feel the need to blame someone, but Ashley is not the one to blame in this." "Excuse me but who are you?" asks Tim. "My name is Zachary Smith," replies Zach, as he calms down a bit, "I'm Ashley Smith's fraternal twin brother. For the last hour all I've heard from Kevin is that it is all my brother's fault that Kristin is dead and I'm tired of it. My sister Diana and I had to have a security guard posted outside of Ash's room, so as to prevent Kevin from going in. Kevin tried to beat Ashley up about half-an-ago. My brother is now laying in a hospital bed after having a bullet removed from his back. A bullet that he took saving Kevin's life. Now, it is very possible that Ashley will be spending the rest of his life paralyzed from the waist down because he jumped in front of Kevin and pushed him down to the sidewalk, shielding him from getting hit, and all Kevin can do is sit here and blame Ashley for Kristin's death. Not to mention trying to cause even further damage to my brother by trying to beat him to a pulp." "Kevin, you should be ashamed of yourself," replies Jackie, as she comes into the room, having overheard Zach's speech. She is followed by her husband Harold, and son Harold III. "Yes, you should be," replies Anna, "Kevin I know you're hurting, but blaming , not to mention trying to cause bodily harm to the person who saved your life is ludicrous. I didn't raise you like that Kevin!" "I have to be blame someone!" "Well how about you try blaming the people who are responsible for the drive-by shooting? Instead of blaming the person without whom, you'd be downstairs in the morgue with Kristin," replies Tim, obviously not very pleased with Kevin himself. "Yes, I suppose you're all probably right," replies Kevin, as he hangs his head, having known all along that his actions were wrong, but not wanting to admit it to himself, "I'm sorry Zach, I shouldn't be blaming Ashley, and if you'll let me, I will apologize to him for trying to beat him up. Ashley can be my new best friend." "I'm sure he'd like that, Kevin," replies Zach, as he thinks, "You don't even begin to understand how much he'd like that." "Anyway, on a happier note, mom you're a grandma." "What?" asks Anna. "You're a grandma," replies Kevin, "Kristin was pregnant when she died. We were going to wait until we were in Lexington next week to tell you. We figured telling you in person was better then over the phone. Anyway, the doctors were able to save them." "Them?" "Yeah, twin boys," replies Kevin, with a slight smile, "I'm a father." "Oh my God, Kevin congratulations!" replies Anna, as she pulls her son into another hug, as all of Kevin's family members gather around him and start hugging him from all sides. The mood in the room is quite happy right now, despite the very sad circumstances which have occurred. However, this happiness it seems was not meant to last. For now Diana Smith has appeared in the doorway of the waiting room, tears streaming done her face. Zach notices his sister, and races over to her, as all eyes fall on them. "Diana is something wrong with Ashley?" "No, there's no change in Ash's condition." "Then why are you crying, sis?" "I just got off the phone with Mrs. Lansbury," replies Diana, referring to the housekeeper at the Smith home in Middlebury, Vermont, "It would seem that dad suffered a massive heart attack this afternoon." "No, you're not telling me..." "Yes, Zach, dad's dead. Oh my God, dad is dead!" screams Diana, as her tears only strengthen and Zach wraps his arms around his younger sister, as he too starts to sob. ---- Diana and Zach sit in the corner of the waiting room, holding each other and trying to comfort one another. As if it wasn't enough that Ashley may never walk again, now their father is dead. Kevin's eyes fall upon Zach and Diana, and he walks over to them, kneeling in front of them. "I'm so sorry for your loss." "Thanks Kevin, but with all do respect, you don't have a clue what we're going through," replies Zach, who is so upset right now that his mind isn't working right, or he would have realized that Kevin knows exactly what they're going through. "Zach, you're upset, and it's quite obvious you're not thinking straight," replies Diana, as she notices the pained expression on Kevin's face, "Kevin does know what we're going through." Zach looks at Diana for a moment, and then realizes his mistake, and lightly places his hand on Kevin's shoulder, "Oh God, I'm sorry Kevin. I totally forgot that your dad is dead. I'm sorry, like Diana said, I must not be thinking clearly." "It's okay, Zach," replies Kevin, after a moment, "You're hurting now, and I can understand that. I wasn't really thinking very clearly after my dad died either." "Well, at any rate, Diana and I are now going to have to tell Ashley and Kerr that dad is dead," replies Zach, "Which is going to be very hard. Ashley was always very close to dad, and Kerr so wanted Scott to be able to meet his uncle." "Well, I'm sure you were all very close to your dad," replies Kevin, "From what you've told me and the other guys about him since we met, he seems like he was a really cool guy." "He was, Kevin, he was," replies Diana, "And you're right, Zach and I were close to him, but not like Ashley. Ashley and dad were so much closer to one another. If I didn't know better, you could probably look at the two of them together and think that they were Naked Preteens lovers rather then father and son." Kevin gives Diana a strange look, which Zach notices and explains, "Kevin, dad was only 14 when Ashley and I were born, and he's always looked much younger then he actually is. Next month he would have been celebrating his 41st birthday, but he looked more like he was 31. So, with the extreme closeness that Ashley and dad have always had, people have actually mistaken them for a couple before, because while the family resemblance is very strong in Ash and I, you can hardly even tell by looking at Donald Smith and then us that we're his children. We look much more like our mother then dad." Kevin nods his head, though he still looks like he isn't quite comprehending what Diana and Zach mean when they say "extreme closeness." Diana, who has always been very good at reading people, sees that Kevin is still a bit confused, and quickly reaches over and grabs her purse. From within it, she pulls out a small pocket-size photo album, and opens it up to one page in particular. "Kevin, this photo was taken at the annual Smith Industries Halloween party about three years ago," replies Diana, "As you can see, Ashley and dad are very close." Kevin looks at the picture and sees two men, wearing a two-headed person costume, and Ancient Roman style clothing. "Ash and dad had forgotten to go to the costume shop and reserve costumes," replies Zach, as he knows what picture Diana is showing to Kevin, "So the only costumes they had left were a two-person horse, or the Roman god Janus, the God of Gates, Doors, Beginnings and Endings. Now technically, Janus didn't have two heads, he had one double-faced head, but oh well. You can still tell from the picture how close Ash and dad were. Now, Kevin, I don't mean to offend or hurt you, but do you honestly think that you were close enough to your dad, that the two of you would go out in public dressed like that?" "No," replies Kevin, rather quickly, which makes Diana and Zach both laugh a bit, "I mean don't get me wrong, I loved my dad very, very much, but I don't think I was ever close enough to him to wear a two-headed costume with him. Though my brother Jerald and dad may have been close enough for that, I don't know. Jerald was always very close to dad, being named after him and all. So what did you two go as to this party?" "Diana and I wore our figure skating outfits, minus the skates of course." "Figure skating outfits?" "Yes, Kevin. Zach and I, as well as Ashley, know how to figure skate. One of our teachers tried to convince us to try for the Olympics, but we never did. Zach and Ashley do a pair routine together, I have a pair routine with both of them, and we've also done a trio routine together." "Wow, that's cool," replies Kevin with a smile. "Here actually this is a picture of Ashley and Zach doing there routine," replies Diana, Naked Preteens as she turns a page in the photo album to reveal Zach and Ashley wearing matching blue outfits, with black and blue sequins all Naked Preteens over them. In the picture, Ash has Zach lifted up over his head. Zach, Diana, and Kevin continue talking for several minutes, until that is Kerr and Scott walk into the room, smiling. The smiles quickly fade from their faces however, when Zach and Diana look up at them, both of their faces covered with the "I've got very bad news" look. ---- The security guard posted outside of Ashley's room nods his head as he allows the woman to pass, and enter into Ashley's room. The middle-aged woman takes her wallet back from the guard, after having to show him some identification, and then enters the room to see Ashley laying there, staring off into space. His arms are tied down to the bed, and it's quite obvious that he's been crying a bit. "Hello." "Oh, um, hi," replies Ashley, as he comes out of his daydreams, "Do I know you?" "I'm Jackie Littrell, Brian's mother, and Kevin's aunt," replies Jackie with a smile as she comes over and sits down next to Ashley's bed, "I just thought that I'd stop by and thank you for saving my nephew's life today." "A lot of good it did," replies Ashley, "I may never walk again because of it, and all Kevin can do is blame me for Kristin's death. Not to mention coming in here and trying to beat me up. Oh God, this is not how I dreamed it'd be like meeting Kevin." "Well, Kevin isn't blaming you anymore," replies Jackie as she grabs Ashley's hand, "In fact he'll probably be coming in here to apologize for everything. Not to mention thanking you for saving his life." "Well, I'd like that, I really would, but I'll believe it when I see it," replies Ashley, as he looks downward, "It really hurt me when he started yelling at me that it was all my fault. Hearing that coming from the man that I lo..." Ashley stops himself abruptly when he realizes that he was about to tell Kevin's aunt that he is in love with Kevin. Unfortunately for Ashley, Jackie is a very perceptive woman, and immediately knows what Ashley was going to say, not to mention the fact of why Ashley risked his own life to save Kevin's. "I know it must have been hard, Ashley," replies Jackie, "But trust me, Kevin is a really good guy. He's just hurting right now. He just lost his wife, so I'm sure you can understand how Kevin must feel. Think how you would have felt if Kevin had died in that shooting. You would have lost a person that you love, and that is very, very hard." "How?" is all Ashley manages to get out, being almost completely at a loss for words trying to figure out how Jackie had realized his feelings for Kevin. "Well, it makes sense," replies Jackie, with a smile, "I was wondering why you would risk your life to save Kevin, a man that you'd only known for a short time. Then when you started to say "the man that I love", I knew why. It's okay Ashley, there's nothing wrong with expressing that love." "So you mean it doesn't make you uncomfortable hearing a guy saying that they love your nephew, in a romantic way?" "I don't see why it should. I hear Lance say it to my son Brian all the time. Yes, they're together if you didn't already know. Been together now for a little over a year, and I can see that Lance makes Brian a very happy man, and that is all I ever wanted for him. And that goes for Kevin too. However, Ashley, I'm not going to say that there's no chance that you and Kevin might be able to get romantically involved, because to tell you the truth, I've always thought that he might be bi-sexual. But, I have to ask that you not pressure him into anything, or actually even tell him about your feelings for him. I can't be sure if he really is bi-sexual or not, and he is in mourning now for Kristin, and I do know that he loved her very much." "I understand what you're saying, Mrs. Littrell. I'm not going to pressure Kevin into anything. I've been in love with him from afar for over a year now, so it won't kill me not to tell him how I feel. And I would never even think about coming onto Naked Preteens a man whose wife just died. I like to think that I have just a little bit more class then that." "I'm sure you do Ashley," replies Jackie with a smile, "And if you call me Mrs. Littrell one more time, I'm going to have to slap you. It's Jackie." "Okay, Jackie," replies Ashley, as he too smiles, having, at least temporarily, forgotten that he has no feeling from the waist down. ---- "I'll leave you all alone," replies Kevin, as he stands up and leaves the room. As soon as Kevin is gone, Diana motions for Kerr and Scott to sit down, which they do, before Kerr asks, "Is something wrong with Ashley?" "Nothings changed on that front," replies Diana, "He still can't feel his legs." "Well, there's something else wrong then, isn't there?" "Yes, Kerr, there is," replies Zach, "Mrs. Lansbury called. She's the housekeeper at the house in Middlebury. Oh God, there's no easy way to say this, but father suffered a massive heart attack earlier this afternoon. He's dead." "What?" replies Kerr, taken aback by this information, "Uncle Don is dead?" "Yes, Kerr," replies Diana, "I don't really want to believe it, but he is. I called the hospital earlier and they confirmed that he was rushed in by an ambulance, and that he's dead." "Oh God, no," replies Kerr, as he starts to cry, as Scott pulls Kerr into his arms, gently rubbing his back, "He was still too young to die. I so wanted Scott to meet him too." "Yes, I know you did," replies Zach, "Anyway, at some point we're going to have to tell Ashley." "He doesn't know yet?" replies Kerr, as his head flies up in shock, "Oh God, he's going to take it harder then all of us times a million!" "Yeah, I know," replies Diana, as she looks down to her lap, "But, he does have a right to know." ---- "Ashley?" Ashley turns his head, as does Jackie, when Kevin walks into the room. "Hi Kevin," replies Ashley. "I just wanted to come and say that I'm sorry for blaming you for Kristin's death. I had no right to do that. I also wanted you to meet two people who are especially grateful to your for saving my life." This said, Kevin opens the door to the room, and a nurse wheels in two baby cradles, and places them near Ashley's bed, so that Ashley and Jackie can see Kevin's sons. "They're especially grateful to you, because if it wasn't for you, they'd have no parents right now," replies Kevin, as he comes over and sits down on Ashley's bed, pulling him into a hug, and whispering in his ear, "I'm very grateful too." "So have you thought of names yet, Kevin?" "Well, Aunt Jackie, yes, I have," replies Kevin with a smile, as he picks up one of the babies, and hands him to Ashley, who carefully takes him into his arms. Kevin then takes the other baby and holds him in his arms. "So what Naked Preteens are they?" asks Jackie, as she looks over at Kevin's beautiful baby boys. "The one that Ashley is holding is Jordan, and this one is Jeremy," replies Kevin, "And before anyone asks, I have also got middle names picked out too." "Middle names?" "Yes, Aunt Jackie, both of these little guys are going to be getting two middle names," replies Kevin, "Jordan Scott Ashley Richardson and Jeremy Thomas Ashley Richardson." "You're giving them both my name?" asks Ashley, who is more then a little shocked. "Yes, Ash, it's the least that I can do. As I said, if it wasn't for you, these guys wouldn't have parents. Kristin and I had picked out Jordan Scott and Jeremy Thomas if we had boys, but I decided to add Ashley to both of their names, to further express my gratitude to you." "I don't know what to say," replies Ashley, as he looks down at the two babies in his and Kevin's arms. "Say that you'll stand up at their baptism as their Godfather," replies Kevin, with a smile, as Jackie smiles at her nephew, being very proud of him at this exact moment. Ashley looks at Kevin for a moment, and then replies, "It would be an honor, Kevin." "Good, because I wasn't going to take no for an answer." "I'll just leave you two alone now," replies Jackie, as she smiles at the four of them, before getting up and leaving the room. Shortly after Jackie leaves, Kevin looks deep into Ashley's eyes for a moment. Before he even realizes what he's doing, Kevin leans forward, and presses his lips to Ashley's, gently kissing him. ---- To be continued... So what did ya'll think? I hope, that despite some of the very sad elements of this installment, that you enjoyed the story. I will try to get another installment out as soon as possible, though it probably won't be until January, because the holiday season is really taking up my time at the moment. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Email: Please include "Affairs" in the email subject line. All emails will be answered. ICQ: 53886549 My Website:
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